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As women in the process of pregnancy and fertility, abdominal muscle overwork, will cause postpartum women waist muscle relaxation, relaxation of the abdominal muscles such as can not be restored to restore the old, the most fat accumulation of excess, the formation of abdominal uplift fall, commonly known as “sand bag belly ” So that the abdomen is the most vulnerable parts of postpartum women. So, what belly band for postpartum brand is good?

Use the benefits of the postpartum girdle ?
After birth due to maternal weakness, the body of the ligament elasticity did not immediately resume, it is easy to produce visceral ptosis. The main organs are: stomach, kidney, uterus, liver. Gastroptosis mainly manifested in the diet immediately after the abdomen filling feeling, the stomach faint pain; kidney ptosis mainly in hematuria, proteinuria; uterine prolapse mainly in the small abdomen with a sense of bulging; liver ptosis mainly in the liver faint pain. Therefore, the proposed postpartum mother must wear their own postnatal shapewear to help the body to support internal organs. For the new mother after the caesarean section, postpartum timely use of abdominal belts can also play a hemostatic, and promote the role of wound healing.
In addition, the fat within six months after delivery is flow, this time is the best time to reshape the shape, reasonable with the abdomen for the recovery of postpartum shape has a huge impact.
During pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger, abdominal wall relaxation, coupled with the delivery of too much effort, will lead to postpartum stomach larger, abdominal muscle loose. Therefore, in the week after birth with a belly band is good, the best and then the third day after birth to use. But the belly can not be all day and night are tied, lying in bed or sitting rest should be unlocked, and so get out of bed when the activities. Because the long-term use of the post pregnancy binder will affect the blood circulation, limiting the psoas muscle, abdominal activities, so that the recovery time is longer.

Shoulder belly should be half an hour after a meal, after the urine to wear, before bed to remove. At the same time, the use of belly belts, but also vary from person to person. Normal delivery of maternal, should strengthen the exercise, often do leg lift, sit-ups and some maternal exercise, and should not rely on long-term belly belly. Caesarean section of the maternal, in the abdomen after the stitches, but also not long-term use of belly band. The body is too thin or internal organs have sagging symptoms, to be resettle organs should be removed after the abdomen.

Underwear and wrapping stomach after birth, which is better?
There are many types of postpartum abdomen belts, there are elastic type, underwear type, belt type, but the basic principles are the same, are made of high elastic rubber band, by pressing the belly fat in a small range to Keep the curve of the body. Belt-style belly belt is the main function of abdomen, and underwear-style hip effect.
To see which is good, the key is the purpose you use. Sometimes use the effect is not good, not the problem itself, but rather whether you use it correctly.
In principle, after the production can begin to use, on the one hand soothe the pain of the muscles, for the mother’s toilet or meal will be more powerful. Wake up after the completion of the toilet, you can use the belly band, but remember that before going to sleep at night, be sure to take the belly band, not all day use, but adverse physical cycle; and then for easy to sweat the skin But also prone to discomfort and itching, and sleep when the posture changes, will also cause the cuff band shift, but not reach the purpose and efficacy.
Shoulder belly should be half an hour after a meal, after the urine to wear, before bed to remove. At the same time, the use of belly belts, but also vary from person to person. Normal delivery of postpartum, should strengthen the exercise, often do leg lift, sit-ups and some postpartum exercises, and should not rely on long-term belly belly.
When buying the belly belt, pay attention to pick the material soft, breathable products
Use the method of the tummy binder after c section:
Must first use the hands of the palm of your hand slowly from the pubic position, the abdomen muscles and deep uterus slowly push up, and then by the pubic bone began to strengthen the fixed belly belly. Do not only bind the stomach and the upper abdomen, but missed the most important lower abdomen, which in turn caused the uterus to sag; another pressure is also the lower abdomen (navel below the pubic bones) began to tighten, then force Larger (tied tight), to the stomach when tied the strength of the loose, that is, under the principle of loose on the loose, it will not but the body’s organs to the lower part.
Abdominal belts are usually used in long-term, long-term use, will bring some side effects. The study found that 24 hours a day and long-term use of abdomen with harmful health. Mainly lead to blood circulation disorders, especially the inferior vena cava resistance increased, induced lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and other illnesses.
In addition, due to arterial incontinence, vascular blood supply capacity is limited, will lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart. The greater the pressure will also affect the intestinal tract, so that after eating bowel movements become slow, resulting in decreased appetite or constipation.
Long-term use of abdominal belly, will lead to poor blood, which led to lower extremity varicose veins, hemorrhoids, lumbar muscle strain and so on. In addition, postpartum waist is too tight, but also cause increased abdominal pressure, so that the support of the genital ligament decreased, causing uterine prolapse, uterine backward posterior (postpartum uterine recovery), vaginal anterior wall or posterior wall swelling , And easy to induce pelvic venous congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation and other gynecological diseases.


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