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Ottawa Shed Source is a combination of seasoned installers and designers who can make your dream of a new shed or garage a reality. Using quality materials we build what our clients are looking for and take the time to go over all the details of your job.

We manufactures the best quality Sheds in Ottawa Ontario. Grab the best opportunity of buying Custom sheds from team. There are lots of sheds available for Sale in Ottawa at very affordable price such as:
1. Custom sheds
2. Garden sheds
3. Garage Shed

We are providing the best sheds for your garden and garage. Call 613-762-7433 and get your customized shed from team.


This man is the worst of the worst. We knew him as Largo Sheds. Whenever he gets too many bad reviews and/or the BBB lowers his rating he simply changes his company name & starts over. The work he did here was supposed to take 1 week and after 6 months we still had not got our tiny shed. It was the wrong size, it was built illegally on top of a deck without supports. The door was the wrong size and opened the wrong way and he broke the frame while installing it and just left it like that. The windows were installed wrong and leaked. He did not want to install tyvek and when we insisted, he installed it wrong. He installed the siding wrong. He built the roof wrong with wood so thin & untreated it began to sway inwards almost immediately. He failed to put tar paper on the roof under the shingles and when we insisted, he tried to do it only on the side facing our house. He did not put enough nails in the shingles & the shingles started to cup, before he was even off site. He didn't trim the shingles properly if at all. He failed to install a soffit and did not spray foam so rain, snow and bees & other critters got in. He used old bent & dented pieces of aluminum from another site on the fascia. He stood up on our lawn furniture instead of using a ladder and broke them. He destroyed our 4 year old deck and destroyed the door to our other shed. He left our handset to the shed in pieces out under the snow all winter and claimed he couldn't find it. He left our 2 packages of nails & screws opened and out under the snow all winter & rusting. He shattered several of our solar lights on our railing, on our deck & broke the railing. He destroyed our newly landscaped lawn and left construction debris all over our yard & our neighbors laneway. (Where he had no permission to be even using.) He left his autistic, non verbal son alone in his truck while he worked out of site. He made excuse after excuse, after excuse. Then they left our back door open, in January. He had no business opening our back door. This was our dog room. The freezing temperatures he let into our home, killed our newborn puppies. They froze to death. He blamed all of the problems including the death of the puppies on his helper. The walkway he had built to attach the shed to our home was not only illegal but it collapsed. Before it collapsed though, you could see daylight through the walls. Water pooled between the vapour barrier & insulation. Mold was forming. We had to tear the remains off our house (after the partial collapse) and hire somebody to remove it. We had to hire somebody to remove the shed from our deck. Murray killed 2 of our fruit trees that we had just planted a few years earlier and were just starting to bear fruit. He dented our brand new PVC fence & PVC gate. Murray was supposed to get building permits but he did not. When we insisted he provide them to us, he brought out incomplete forms that he had not taken to the City although he claimed he had taken them to the city. The diagrams on the permits were not measured properly & illegale forms. Our best advice would be not to hire this man. Do your homework. He has at least 3 other companies with poor ratings. Largo was an F rating from the BBB and he switched his company name to Ottawa Shed Source while he was still coming out to our site. He never reimbursed us for any of the damages he caused.
3/2/2020 2:22:11 PM Report
On his Facebook we posted a review and we put pictures. One of the pictures is 'a warranty of 3 years on every material or project' More lies and empty promises. In our complaints to Better Business Bureau (BBB) , review in Trusted Pros and in email, Murray Baker wrote that he takes reponsibility and will work with us and pay for the damamges. He doesn't even return our email and didn't respond to BBB. We are not the only one who got the Murray Baker service and treatment....Lise P
7/12/2020 12:56:57 PM - Report

To write the review we have to choose the rating by stars, I had no choice to put one when I wanted to put none. The proprietor of Ottawa Shed Source, Murray Baker, built an UNSAFE and ILLEGAL attached garage to our house. He had told us that the construction of the garage 13’X 23’ garage would take 1 to 1 1/2 month to complete. He started at the end of September 2019 to COLLAPSED at near completion from the 9th to the 10th of February 2020, 5 months later after he started. Part of our house and landscaping in the front and backyard are damaged or destroyed for an estimated amount of at least a minimum of $28,000.00 at the moment. In Spring we will have to start from scratch with new plans, pay the permit of construction,  hire an engineer, dig out to expose the foundation to have it analyzed and examined, check the connection of the house weeping tile system, check how or if the foundation of the garage is anchored to the foundation of the house  and deal with whatever will need to be fixed and/or replaced and/or redone and/or repaired. We also experienced what follows with the proprietor of Ottawa Shed Source: - Without plans approved and without a permit from City Hall, he went ahead with the construction which included pouring of a concrete foundation, framing of walls and roof. A check for a certain amount was given to him that included money for plans and permit. Permit and plans were never paid to the City Hall. We have an invoice from him as proof of payment which is also written ‘plans and permit included’. The cement for the 1st foundation was poured end of Oct 2019. On Nov 1st, 2019 he went to City Hall to apply for construction permit. From his own fault, the foundation cracked and separated and was repaired/poured again in the beginning of Dec 2019, still without having a permit paid and in hand and without approved plans. Multiple times we asked about plans, permit and more with always an excuse of not providing any at that moment. - he provided City Hall an application for a construction permit with a FORGED SIGNATURE of one of the home owners. He denied forging the signature to the OPP officer and to us by an email he sent on Feb 26th, 2020. Bottom line, he provided a legal document that neither one of us signed. - he provided us with 3 fake HST/GST numbers - he failed to have inspections as per codes and regulations at each step of the construction. -he failed to provide us with the permit, plans, all other subcontractors’ work information, inspections and etc when we asked verbally and/or by email. - In an email of Feb 20th 2020 sent to us, he wrote ‘I’m calling (name)  township , I left monies for permit. Also the engineering company will send a report to them for the foundation report’’ On February 21st 2020, while having a meeting with the Construction Building Official, I showed her the email and she informed me that no phone call, no monies and no report were ever received at City Hall from the Ottawa Shed Source proprietor. On Feb 28th, 2020 he sent an email mentioning that all previously requested information will be sent. Up to the day of writing this review, we have not received any reports of any kind. - he wanted to make things right to prove he can do the job and kept firmly insisting to rebuild and continue with the construction of our attached garage without us owing him the rest of the money as per contract to which I responded ‘NO’ because we have a lack of trust and he demonstrated lack of skills and knowledge in construction. The collapse of the garage should not have happened to which he responded that it was not his fault. Even with this said, he kept firmly insisting for us to let him continue with the project. He verbally expressed not being happy being terminated. It was confirmed by 2 local skilled and reputable licensed contractors, who saw the collapsed garage and saw all the pictures we took since Fall 2019, who both said 'whoever built this doesn't know what he is doing and used the wrong materials'. -had an unethical request of payments - he failed to show on the job site on days he emailed or verbally informed us he would and there were long stretches of him not showing up. As for the 10 X 10 shed, the proprietor of Ottawa Shed Source informed us it would be built in 2 days. It took 2 months: from end of May 2019 to July 30th 2019 to complete and that after many calls and emails pressuring him to do so. The delay was apparently due to his son hospitalization. The proprietor of Ottawa Shed Source had many no shows, many excuses for delays and has a habit of lying in person and by emails. Whatever he says, it never happens. What ever he says he will do, he doesn’t and what was suppose to be done, doesn’t get done. Overall, a lack of professional skills ended with more destruction and damage to the property: front lawn by construction metal bin and digger, damage to the fascia of the corner of the roof of the house, half of the lilac tree is broken, mature maple tree’s bark ripped off by digger, retaining wall blocks dismantled and some block broken, flower garden in the front house buried in clay and retaining wall blocks and interlocks thrown on top and the backyard fence also to be repaired. Photos can be provided on request if ever needed. We took a lot of pictures since the beginning of the construction in Fall 2019 up to February 12th, 2020. On Internet, similar complaints can be found when the proprietor of Ottawa Shed Source operated his construction business previously under Largo Sheds, Backyard Specialties and River Valley Construction. As soon as he starts getting bad reviews he changes the name of the company. The company’s name changes, not the outcomes.
3/2/2020 10:51:40 AM Report
UPDATE: We paid OSS for an attached garage but we paid for was is left - a foundation that is not even as per code, didn’t pass the inspection and in need of extensive repairs and reconstruction to be able to continue building our attached garage. From digging and exposing the foundation in June 2020 by the new hired company this is what was found from OSS’s construction: NO WEEPING TILE SYSTEM was put and connected to the existing house weeping tile system. The already existing weeping tile system of the house was cut and left as is. From this, we were told that we were lucky to not have a flood in the basement with the snow melt. The front wall of the FOUNDATION was CRACKED at 3 places and needs to be completely replaced to be approved and to continue the garage construction. There is NO ANCHORAGE of the garage foundation to the existing house foundation.
6/25/2020 6:43:55 PM - Report