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Company description

We are a Canadian company, and we are located in Vaughan. Our company specializes in a vast array of stylish finishes for fiberglass and steel doors. Our company deals with windows and doors, windows replacement, door replacement, front entry doors, vinyl windows.
If you are looking into replacing your windows or doors, look no further. At NorthGuard we specialize in offering the best and quickest solutions for your windows and doors replacement needs. We are committed to providing top-notch services.
Our ever friendly staff will get you pocket-friendly budgets. Our expertise will guarantee you a timely, inexpensive and efficient replacement of your doors and windows.
Products that We Offer at NorthGuard Company
• Steel doors – These are doors that do not leak any heat or cold to the room. They can also be painted to fit your style. Mostly they are used in home entrances and entry to the home from the garage.
• They add aesthetic appeal to your home and increase the value of your home.
Fiberglass doors come in many finishes. These doors are often made from many wood-types. This feature allows homeowners to replicated wood look at a much lower cost. You can paint and stain fiberglass doors.
• Multipoint Locking System – offers high security while maintaining your doors’ stylish appeal. They add a sophistication appeal on your front door while offering you with enhanced security and insulation. Their resistance to all types of weather minimizes maintenance costs.
Compared to wood doors, these doors require little maintenance. The use of these doors boosts the resale value of your home because of the combination of style and their renowned durability. New inhabitants may be enticed by these doors since they might not need to replace doors when they move in.

• Executive doors – Executive doors add an appeal to your entrances. They are custom made to fit your style and elegance while offering you with the much-needed security and privacy.

• Classic doors – classic doors are made out of traditional materials giving an antique touch to your doors. Your visitors will get mesmerized by this antique look on your doors.

• Garden doors – These are mostly back-doors which open to the outside. They add a rustic touch to your house. Garden doors can be of great help if you are moving appliances and furniture in your house. Another good thing about garden doors is that they can also be customized to offer security.

• Fiberglass doors – Fiberglass doors can be customized to look like they are made out of wood. They are tougher than ordinary doors and can withstand adverse weather conditions. You may notice that these doors are slightly expensive, but their benefits outweigh their high cost.

These doors are tougher than vinyl doors, and they come in many designs and colors. You can easily customize these doors to fit your specifications, and they have excellent protection from wears and dents.
Fiberglass doors can be painted and stained, and mostly it’s hard to bend. Since they are fitted with insulating foam, they offer five times more insulation compared to wooden doors.
They have very few maintenance costs and are energy efficient. Fiberglass doors will not rust and can be used to offer maximum security since it does not twist and is scratch resistant.
• Steel door hardware – These accessories add an attractive appeal on your doors. They are resistant to corrosion and scratching requiring minimal maintenance costs. Steel door hardware includes levers and deadbolts and keyed knob sets such as grip sets.

• Casement windows – This is a type of window attached to the frame by one or more hinges. A casement stay holds the window open outwards either to the left or right allowing fresh air inside your house Casement windows can be used either singly or in pairs.

• Fixed casement windows – These windows offer full insulation. They are fixed and do not open. They provide homeowners with a great view of the outside world.

• Single hung – Mostly used in apartments, homes, and offices. A single hung window has its bottom sash moving vertically, but the upper~sash doesn’t move. When opened, the bottom sash obscures the upper~sash partially. They are cost effective and hence attract homeowners with multiple windows to replace or install.

These windows offer little ventilation because only the bottom sash opens. It is not advisable to use single hung windows in your bathroom because they can result in high moisture levels. Their use could also encourage mold growth and bad smells in the bathroom.
Single hung windows are relatively hard to clean since the upper~sash doesn’t open. A homeowner can only clean the upper~sash of this window from the outside. The up-front cost of acquiring a single hung window is minimal, but the maintenance cost of cleaning and ventilation is quite high making this type of windowless desirable compared to its main competitor the double hung window.
• Double hung window – A double hung window offers maximum airflow and ventilation because you can open both the upper~and~lower sashes of this type of windows. Cleaning double hung windows is easy because you can tilt and open each sash. The homeowners who live off the ground levels can clean this type of windows without involving the services of a cleaning company.
Even though initial costs could be high, their minimal maintenance costs and enhanced security features make double hung windows cost effective in the long run.

• Single sliders – They provide effective ventilation and are easy to operate. It has only one sash which slides to open. It costs less since it has a few components.

• Awning window – This type of window opens outward and is hinged at the top. Since they can remain open even during a slight rain, they are ideal for ventilation. They can be used together with other types of windows to enhance security and privacy. Awning windows are easy to open and close.

• Picture window – Picture windows are stationary and do not open. This feature makes them energy efficient, and you can use larger sizes. They can also be used as combinational windows. If you are looking for an unobstructed view and ventilation is the least of your concern, consider installing this type of window.

They create a portrait- like space on your wall and this where their name originated from. If you are only looking for letting natural light into your room and keep the cold air out, consider purchasing a picture window.
Why contact us?
Our vast expertise places us among the best companies which offer windows and doors replacements. We have an experienced, dedicated and friendly team which will guarantee that your doors and windows get replaced in an efficient, timely and economical manner.
We have a simple and clear-cut shopping process. Check out our shopping process below to get you started:
2. Select a product or service that you need.
4. Our team will then help you out with project viability and cost estimation.
6. Together with our team, you will take measurements and have your products customized.
8. The last process will be the installation at your home or business premises then you can sit back enjoy the comfort and security offered by doors and windows that you just replaced!
Our team certainly have your back covered.

• They are available on call all day throughout the week.

• They offer competitive prices in the market.

• Our installers are licensed and certified.

• They will guarantee you maximum satisfaction.

For this and much more visit our website
We are available on call. Give us a call today at 1-844-936-6784 to get a free estimate.
To start a live chat with any of our available agents, fill out the form below on the bottom right.
At NorthGuard we aim at guaranteeing that our clients get nothing but the very best of our products.
We offer a variety of products, and our featured products include the following; windows and doors, windows replacement, door replacement, front entry doors, vinyl windows.
We are available on call 24/7, and our dedicated team will hear you out anytime of the day. Our installers are accredited and licensed and will offer you with the most competitive prices in the market.
Products that we offer will guarantee you with maximum satisfaction. We will also ensure that installation and replacement will be done in an efficient, cost-efficient and timely manner.
Our installers prefer to install as you watch so that you can ask as many questions as possible. This move ensures that you get the final results that you desire and get educated free of charge on the best door and window care.
Ultimately our mission is to offer a quick solution to all your windows and doors replacement services. We also aim at achieving maximum customer satisfaction from our services.


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