27/484 McCoy Drive
Penhold T0M 1R0
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Company description

Have a hard time sleeping? Try sleeping under a cloud. Feel the touch of the most carressing & comfortable fabric on the planet. Our comforters are modelled after our favourite childhood blankets, Tickies! We use a special fabric called Minky to make our comforters super soft and plush.Minky is a revolutionary fabric, notably used in baby blankets due to its soft feel, durability, temperature regulatng and sweat wicking properties.The kids in our family began calling their blankies a Tickie some 60 years ago, and it has since become a tradition that has passed down through the generations, but it is much more than that. Our Tickies became a key part of our childhoods. It was something you could count on in good times or bad. Traditionally, each Tickie had its own unique look and feel, yet they all provided the same sense of comfort and happiness to the owner. Our Tickies were found on road trips, vacations, hockey tournaments, and in every corner of the house. With all this use, they got softer, plusher, and more comfortable. Our dream was to preserve and pass the Tickie on to the world, so we made MyTickie, a blanket designed to mimic the soft feel that our Tickies had.


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