Kreator Equipment And Services Inc

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473036 County Rd. 11
ON L9W 2Z3
Phone number:
(519) 941-7876

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Company description

Kreator Equipment And Services Inc offers Material Handling Equipment Suppliers services in Orangeville, ON area. To get more details you can call us on (519) 941-7876.


Disorganized mess, communication between supervisors and floor employees is next to none. Only one way paid travel. Could travel upwards of 2hrs+ to get to a job site, for multiple weeks, only to be paid one direction. Also NONE of the travel pay gets put towards regular hours. So even though you worked 49 hours that week, if 10 of them are travel hours, then you are getting paid REGULAR time for the whole thing. (Not to mention you should have another 10 hours of travel on that, but hey, one way travel.) 0 tool allowance, even though they expect you to buy drill bits, that other people are going to have to use and break. Only bring an adjustable, bolt pin and pair of pliers on the road, otherwise your tools will be borrowed and lost. Allowance for staying overnight away from home is only $40, not enough for a decent lunch/supper. (Unless McDonald's is decent to you.) Slow periods almost yearly, expect cuts in slow times. (Staff and equipment.) If asked to go on a big project, dont expect to be flew/drove home to see family/friends. You will be there for upwards of 2 months to 1 year, wherever they are installing. Don't ask too many questions, or ruffle feathers at all, your job will be gone just as fast as they offered it to you. (more then likely in the first interview.) Just a couple of the things you can see within a week of working for the company.
4/25/2018 8:41:34 PM Report