In House Creations

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167 1st Street East
North Vancouver V7L 1B2
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We are a creative design studio based in Vancouver, Canada. We work with multi medium artists, designers & business owners to expedite the fulfillment of products and merchandise at an affordable rate and an attainable quantity.

Our expertise in the apparel & merchandise industry has allowed us to thoroughly understand the process of how products are made and where to have them produced at the right quantity for the right price. By implementing this knowledge into each of the services that we offer, we're able to streamline the development process for our clients, making it easy for you to maintain the focus on continuing to grow your business as we take care of the stress of carrying out your production.

We are a Vancouver creative agency who specializes in streamlining the process of designing & developing branded clothing and merchandise for our clients. Working with our agency will expedite the development and quality of your products, while creating identifiable branding material that will help build the foundation of your business. We cover each step of the way, through Graphic Design, Brand Development, Pattern Making, Sample Production, & Manufacturing. We are equipped with the knowledge, and tools to you take your unique product ideas from conception to production. Our intention is to involve you in the process as much or as little as you desire. By simplify your creative process, we allow you to continue to grow your business while we take care of your production.

In House is a creative studio that specializes in designing & developing branded clothing and merchandise for businesses in Vancouver, Canada. Hire our design agency for creative branded products & merchandise. At In House, we streamline the process of developing marketable products for our clients. We keep you involved as we concentrate the entire creative process through Graphic Design, Product Development, Brand Development & Content Creation.


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