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1635 Bayly Street
Pickering L1W 0B1
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Designed to create a welcoming, positive and inspiring atmosphere, our iLoveKickboxing fitness studio will provide you with the best workout of your life. With an emphasis on community and support, our ‘no judgment’ gym is the perfect place to get in shape, lose weight or relieve stress … all at your own pace. Our passionate and energetic instructors are highly motivating in every class… with their only goal… to help you achieve yours!

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Absolutely FABULOUS. Best workout I've had in over 15 years - I've been starting and stopping all sorts of different workouts and sports trying to find something flexible enough to fit my schedule and also something that can accommodate my health journey (starting from SCRATCH and totally unfit) - ILKB Pickering has set me up for success and I'm seeing great results!
8/11/2023 3:49:58 PM Report

Great workout. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Gym is clean. I would highly recommend ILKBP
12/17/2022 12:02:44 AM Report

Clean environment with upbeat music. Workouts are challenging but fun!
9/5/2022 7:30:14 PM Report

Best place to melt your fat away and meet new people at the same time!!
6/14/2022 8:05:47 AM Report

Challenging but fun workouts. Welcoming environment. Staff and fellow members are fantastic.
3/2/2021 4:46:56 PM Report

Excellent studio. You’ll see results fast. Love the music, instructors and challenging but fun workouts!
2/27/2021 1:43:13 AM Report

Best studio/workout EVER! You will love this studio! They place is extremely clean and organized, and the instructors are amazing! I love the energy, the music, the classes! The classes are hard but awesome and you can do them at your own pace. The instructors are very helpful and are always teaching the right techniques. You won't regret it!
2/25/2021 1:33:46 PM Report

The music is fantastic and really pumps you up! Each instructor has their own groove so there's always variety or if you have a favourite one you can follow them with their classes. There have been times where everyone sings or even dances along and it makes the classes even more enjoyable! ILKB Pickering is great!
2/17/2021 3:47:33 AM Report

Great fully body workout. So glad to have found this place. Clean facility with friendly, welcoming staff
12/11/2020 12:16:53 AM Report

Amazing atmosphere. I look forward to every class. Everybody motivates each other to reach their goals
12/5/2020 5:37:13 AM Report

When I signed up at this gym, I knew very little about how to properly punch or kick. After a couple of sessions, I finally know how to properly punch without injuring my knuckles. All of the instructors are very enthusiastic and motivate everybody to each their goals, regardless of the level of fitness an individual has.
9/2/2020 6:59:39 PM Report

Was looking for something new to get my motivation back for working out and decided to give ILKB-Pickering a try. So glad I did! The workouts and staff are topnotch! I'm always looking forward to my next class!
8/14/2020 4:16:25 AM Report

If you're looking for results, friendly staff and cleanliness try iLovekickboxing-Pickering. You will never look back.
8/11/2020 1:17:45 AM Report

I started out with very little knowledge about form and technique. The staff walks around constantly to make sure everyone is working at peek performance. I’ve found strength in me that I didn’t even know was there!
8/2/2020 6:42:35 PM Report

Thank you ILKB Pickering for the motivation to keep my workouts up during this Pandemic. You have helped with the stress levels and I'm feeling stronger and healthier then I've ever been before.
7/25/2020 3:47:53 AM Report

Best workout ever! It challenges your limit. Ilkb Pickering is like a community filled with motivators for instructors and members are very encouraging.
7/20/2020 2:45:45 AM Report

Best work out for people struggling to find something fun and that works! I have kept up my workouts and added more and met incredible friends and instructors along the way!
7/19/2020 10:41:07 PM Report

I wish I was able to give more than 5 stars on here cause this place is 10/10. Energetic and heart pounding workout
7/19/2020 9:47:08 PM Report

Great atmosphere, motivating staff, fun classes!
1/10/2020 4:35:37 PM Report

I generally stay away from gyms because I workout at home. I have loved every class I’ve taken! Great environment, awesome workout!
1/10/2020 4:17:30 PM Report

The best atmosphere for success! The instructors and the members all encourage each other to keep pushing. The positivity is astounding! The workouts are killer but you always feel great about what you’ve accomplished.
10/9/2019 1:32:46 AM Report

This is the best gym! Clean place, amazing instructors, wonderful members, cool ILKB gears, and best of all they make it super fun all the time.
9/28/2019 1:54:55 PM Report

I really enjoy coming to ILKB Pickering. Very clean and well kept studio that provides you with only the best workouts!
9/27/2019 4:49:54 AM Report

Best place for a workout. All you need is one hour and you are working your entire body! You are sweating from the moment you walk in until you get home :)
9/26/2019 10:30:39 PM Report

Can't say enough about this place!! If you want an intense workout and see results this is where you need to go!! Love this place!!
9/26/2019 8:43:26 PM Report

I love ILKB. The staff is amazing. This place is so clean and so much fun. I especially love the DJ nights. The music is always motivating and I'm glad to be a part of, what seems like a family.
9/25/2019 2:24:07 AM Report

This is the best gym I've been to! Everyone was friendly and welcoming and the workout is great!
9/24/2019 10:08:04 PM Report

It’s a great place to go for exercise workout and sweat all your fat away. I have been with them for 6 months now and counting!
9/23/2019 8:22:15 PM Report

Since joining iLoveKickboxing, not only have I lost weight, I have toned and my cardio has improved. If you have any limitations, the instructors will give modifications for your workout.
9/22/2019 11:14:49 PM Report

Zach always make sure everyone is doing their best! He asks if you are tired and if you say yes... more burpees! Haha it’s a fun way of motivating everyone to never give up and have fun at the same time!
9/18/2019 10:01:07 PM Report

Instructors at ILKB Pickering are so incredible! Full of knowledge and excellent technique. Makes me try harder even when there is no fuel left in the tank!!
9/4/2019 3:04:33 PM Report

Nice and clean place to get a great kickboxing workout in. The workouts are intense, but you definitely feel like you accomplished your goal when you are done.
7/28/2019 9:21:25 PM Report

I love this place. I like how they have challenges every month to make you want to get to more classes the instructors are really helpful .
7/19/2019 8:14:35 PM Report

Classes every day of the week. Instructors are very friendly, motivational and help correct your technique. Gym is clean. Workouts are tough but also very fun.
7/16/2019 4:30:56 PM Report

Great place get your body moving and lose all unwanted fats.. Facility is kept clean.. All staff are friendly..
7/12/2019 4:15:17 AM Report

Love love love the classes and instructors! Everyone is so friendly. I would prefer to lose the burpees and do more wall sits!
7/11/2019 8:33:48 PM Report

Love this gym! it's a great new workout and the staff are super friendly and truly interested in seeing you reach your goals!
7/11/2019 6:44:43 PM Report

A high qualify place to learn kickboxing and get fit... Easy access and flexible hours everyday. Best way to relief stress 😀
6/23/2019 11:43:42 PM Report

Enjoy every workout at ILKB Pickering and I am happy to be a member here
5/31/2019 1:29:25 AM Report

ILKB is an amazing workout that has friendly instructors and a super clean facility. The workout is always different to keep you interested!
5/15/2019 5:30:17 PM Report

Great facility. Lovely people. Fun workouts. Happy atmosphere. Can’t wait for my next class!
5/14/2019 4:55:51 PM Report

A super friendly atmosphere that builds you up with confidence and skills. I highly recommend this gym!
4/28/2019 1:32:02 AM Report

Who can say that have fun when they go to the gym? If you go to iLKB, you can say just that! The atmosphere feels like you're part of a community, even a family! We're all striving to be a better version of ourselves, thanks to iLKB!
4/18/2019 5:12:38 PM Report

Great accessible facility. It is kept clean and its a safe space to work out. It is a no judgement zone with lots of encouragement. Instructors are sure to ask before every class if anyone has any injuries or anything people might need modifications for to ensure everyone is safe and gets an effective workout.
4/17/2019 3:02:24 AM Report

Love love love this workout
4/7/2019 9:40:15 PM Report

If I could put more stars I would. This was the change I needed in my workout routine to take me to new levels. I love my ILKB family. Highly recommend you give it a try.
4/6/2019 8:31:47 PM Report

Best workout I have ever done, getting stronger and stronger after each class. Staff is amazing.
4/2/2019 6:33:35 PM Report

A fantastic place to work out, meet people and get in shape. It's very welcoming and the facilities are very clean and nice. I would highly recommend iLoveKickboxing in Pickering!
4/1/2019 6:11:55 PM Report

5 star gym! Love every work out and can't wait to get to the next one!
3/28/2019 9:23:30 PM Report