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I Am Blessed Mala Beads sells customized & designed Mala Bead necklaces and bracelet to help manifest your dreams into reality in Abbotsford and surrounding areas in British Columbia. We are a wellness business that cares about supporting you. We strongly believe in the power of intention setting, manifestation and positive energy those are important for better mental wellness.

Our mala beads products are sacred pieces blessed with specific intentions, a smudging ceremony, and Reiki energy. All of our Malas are made with 108 genuine gemstones and are traditionally used as meditation tools that allow you to meditate with positive energy. We sell a variety of Malas and Bracelets at a fair price. Have a look at them:

Mala Beads
Mala Necklace
Mala Bracelet
Yoga Beads
Meditation Beads

Shop Mala Beads products: https://www.iamblessedmalabeads.com/mala-bead-necklaces/

Mala Bracelet cost will range from $30-$60 CAD
Cost for your Mala necklaces will range from $110-$300 CAD.

Along with products, we provide plenty of services and arrange workshops to teach how to make bracelets and necklaces which can help you improve mental wellness and reduce the stress level.

108 Weeks of Mala Wellness
Private workshops

Our upcoming workshops Calender: https://www.iamblessedmalabeads.com/malabeads-workshop/


Each Mala is blessed with intention.
Durable four-inch tassels are used for each tasseled Mala.
Use healing Reiki energy to clear, release, and charge your Mala.
Use thick nylon string, to ensure our Mala necklaces are super durable
Lava beads are included in every Mala necklace and bracelet for essential oil use
Provide custom mala bracelets and necklaces

Let’s build a Mala together that is custom to your vision, mental/physical health/wellness, and intentions. Get a free quote; call us today at 604-377-9375 or shoot us an email at iamblessedmalabeads@gmail.com


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