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Company description

GeldertLaw is a Canadian boutique law firm. It was founded in 2007 by Michael W. Geldert and Patricia Maiato. GeldertLaw practices real-estate, immigration and entertainment law.


Geldert Law represented a group of over fifteen hundred timeshare owners for four years. Geldert shouldn’t have taken the case as it was beyond his abilities. He wouldn’t listen to his clients and his firm lost in court every time by arguing the wrong things. One judge verbally reprimanded his lawyers for abuse of process! In the end, Geldert told the group to give him authority to sign any settlement with the timeshare company but he promised that the group would have input. He lied and signed the settlement without letting his clients see it. His clients now have to pay tens of thousands of dollars and most have to empty their bank accounts, remortgage their homes, sell their homes, or declare bankruptcy. One client owes almost one hundred thousand dollars! In the end a lot of his clients sought advise from other lawyers as they didn’t trust Michael. Don’t bother with Geldert Law; Geldert is a lawyer without honour or integrity.
3/10/2018 2:13:05 AM Report

Our families have been in despair since this past Christmas when Mr Geldert notified us that he and Northmont had arrived into a settlement agreement without ever consulting us. (We wish to reiterate that the "consent" obtained by Mr Geldert from us, was obtained with false pretenses and malice). Northmont is an unscrupulous company that have very clever people working there. Between Mr Wankel and Mr Sauvageau's experience in fraudulent cases, added to Mr Geldert's ineptitude and unethical behavior, there is no doubt that you will lose your assets. Mr Geldert's "way out" of any type of litigation is agreeing to any settlement at the expense of his clients' interests. The number of people who have refused to accept the negotiated settlement is evidence of its unreasonableness. Mr Geldert has ruined the lives of hundreds of seniors and young families. When your future is being gambled, the last thing you need is retaining an incompetent attorney like Michael Geldert.
1/30/2018 5:13:41 PM Report