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1559 Alta Vista Drive. Ottawa, ON K1G 5T7
Ottawa ON K1G 5T7
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Do you have problem relating to locksmith key? We are a company that provides service relating to locksmith. In fact, we can deal with locksmith locksproblem with the use of our pick tools. We will also help you if you have misplaced your original car key or you lose it.


Vehicle Lockout? Brute force, not locksmithing, using air wedges and a malleable plastic coated wire for two hours is what occurred before the rep declared they couldn't get in the vehicle. An hour in, my windshield was broken as the plastic coated wire violently struck the interior windshield. As it happened, when called out on it, the rep denied he caused it. For the next few minutes he 'demonstrated' how the wire/windshield contact could not have been possible, and repeatedly argued 'It's plastic, look, it's plastic'. During the 'demonstration', he managed to strike the windshield again with the wire. The language barrier (the rep could not speak english nor french very well) impeded my attempts to relay that the method employed was not recommended for Hard Topped early model Jeeps (a legitimate locksmith from a different company would later confirm). Fed up, I called the main hotline (482 2532) to describe the ongoing situation. The operator advised that I should call another locksmith, with a promise to return my call about broken windshield reporting procedures. The call never came...Instead, the rep said he would not be able to open my vehicle, handed me a card, took some windshield pictures and told me to call the number on the card Monday. Monday afternoon..a 'manager' agrees to meet me to examine my windshield for insurance purposes. After a 10-15 second analysis of the large spiderweb crack in the upper driver side windshield he declares that it is an outside crack and was not caused from within. He says the insurance company asked him to verify if it was an inside or outside caused crack...Proceeding to carry out a demonstration with malleable plastic covered wire with a slight tap to his his own vehicle window, the 'manager' says that in his 20 yrs in the business he has never seen it crack a windshield... I then inquire "So that's it? He says "Yep, sorry.." I call back the main office (613) 482 2532, explain the encounter and am told "That's all we can do...." Hence this review...
4/27/2016 9:55:20 PM Report