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Carpet Cleaning
Elite is Toronto’s Carpet Cleaning Expert!
Our IIICRC certified, carpet cleaning technicians use the best, professionally manufactured products, recognized worldwide, partnered with state of the art equipment and the very best cleaning method, truck-mounted hot water extraction. Hot water extraction, otherwise known as the steam cleaning method—is the #1 rated carpet cleaning method recommended by all of the major carpet companies.
When you hire Elite Carpet Cleaning, we bring a $50k truck-mounted unit to your home or business. Our cleaning unit runs directly off the van’s V8 engine, providing 20x the power of a typical portable machine. The vacuum system’s suction is strong enough to lift a 15 lbs. bowling ball, providing the most thorough clean to every inch of your carpet fiber, all the way down to the carpet backing!
For over 15 years, Elite Carpet Cleaning has been dedicated to restoring the health of your home and business and to delighting our customers! Our 100% satisfaction guarantee comes with every cleaning we perform.
The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning
• Healthy Environment. Vacuuming is important, but keeping a healthy home requires professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis. With our hot water extraction system, the water temperature reaches 220 degrees, which is hot enough to kill most bacteria and allergen proteins present in your carpet and upholstery.
• Reduce Allergies. A professional cleaning with Modernistic will reduce the allergens in your carpet and upholstery by 90%! Our proven solutions have been tested and shown to be highly effective at neutralizing the most common allergens, including those from dust mites and pets.
• Extend the Life of Your Carpet. Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned every 12-18 months with our hot water extraction method. Providing your carpet with the proper, routine maintenance will help to reduce wear – extending the life of your carpet by 50%!
• Peace of Mind. A clean home not only looks great, it feels great! Enjoy your home looking its best and breathe easy knowing your environment is a healthy one!
Elite Carpet Cleaning Process
Our IICRC trained and certified technicians will arrive to your home or business in a clearly marked Modernistic van, wearing a Elite Carpet Cleaning uniform and a visible ID badge. Before they begin the cleaning, they will ask for a walk through of the areas being cleaned, so they can note any areas of concern you may have.
Elite Carpet Cleaning uses proven methods that are recommended by carpet manufacturers to ensure safe cleaning and the integrity of your carpet warranty. We guarantee to give your carpet the deepest clean possible using CRI Gold Rated, truck-mounted hot water extraction and advanced cleaning solutions. Our technicians use a proven step-by-step process to eliminate dirt, spots, and odors completely, and will utilize special tools that reach in, around and under, large furnishings and electronics, to ensure complete cleaning coverage. Following the cleaning, your carpet will only be damp to the touch.


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