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Vancouver V5T 1C5
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Company description

Dog Taxi Daycare & Dog Hotel is Vancouver BC's favourite dog boarding and doggy daycare. With the largest outdoor dog park of any facility in the city our dogs love staying with us. Whether you are looking to have your dog stay with us for a night a week or daily at our daycare centre our staff will give your dogs the utmost love and keep them happy and healthy. We offer dog training dog grooming dog hotel and boarding as well as doggy daycare services. Located between Olympic Village Mount Pleasant and False Creek we have the largest urban dog daycare and hotel in Vancouver.


Dog Taxi Vancouver was negligent in the care of our Yorkshire terrier, Bentley. He was entrusted in their care from September 18th to 23rd, 2012 while we were on a business trip. These are the business details: Dog Taxi Vancouver 2419 Columbia St. Vancouver, BC V5Y 3EY 604.720.0358 When we first met Angela Posada (one of the owners) on September 18th at 11.30am to drop off Bentley, he was a healthy, 10 lbs dog who had up-to-date vaccinations and Burnaby City Dog license. When we picked up Bentley on September 23rd at 2.30pm, Bentley was lethargic, listless and had to be carried home (he was unable to walk). Angela did inform us at pick-up that Bentley was "not himself" since the morning and to watch out for any vomiting. We were not provided any further information. Upon arrival at home, Bentley threw up a few more times and did not have any appetite during dinner. We thought it was normal (he had grass or something that would flush right out of his system) and that he was probably exhausted after 8.5 days straight of play/day care. However, at 4am on September 24th, Bentley suffered from many episodes of bloody diarrhea in addition to the repeated vomiting. We immediately brought Bentley into the Central Animal Emergency Clinic where he was admitted as a serious case by Dr. Sekhon. His blood tests indicated that he was suffered from Hemorrhagic Gastro Enteritis (HGE). This is a serious condition, especially for smaller pets. At 8am, Bentley was transferred to the Central City Animal Hospital under the care of Dr. Dhaliwal who confirmed Dr. Sekhon's diagnosis. Bentley was on intravenous fluids (IVs) and received medical treatment from September 24th to 26th. Bentley was under observation for the rest of the week. We hold Dog Taxi Vancouver directly responsible for negligence of Bentley's care during the time period he was at the Dog Taxi Vancouver facility. In the many phone calls we made to Dog Taxi Vancouver since Bentley was admitted to the Central Animal Emergency Clinic, we've received a variety of excuses for his poor condition; but no accountability or clear explanation as to how a healthy 10lb dog can be reduced to a sick 8lb dog in a matter of 8.5 days on the Dog Taxi Vancouver property under the care and supervision of its owners and caretakers. Some of the excuses: 1.Dog Taxi Vancouver: Bentley is not used to dog boarding the day care system; that is why he was stressed. Our Response: Bentley goes to a day care 3 times a week (We Care Doggie Day Care in Burnaby) which he absolutely adores. Also, when we called from our business trip (once every two days), we got a report from Angela and Jorge Posanda that Bentley is doing well, is happy and healthy. 2.Dog Taxi Vancouver: We have no insurance (from Jorge Posanda). Our Response: On the Dog Taxi Vancouver website, it says that Dog Taxi Vancouver is insured by "ING insurance company or Loyd Thompson insurance of Canada". Now this seems dubious as how can a company be insured by two insurance companies but still not be accountable? 3.Dog Taxi Vancouver: It is normal for dogs to lose weight when they are stressed. Our Response: How is losing 20% of a dog's body weight in one week healthy? And if you have dog taxi services to vet offices, why couldn't you take our dog to a vet when he was vomiting? Also, we provided Dog Taxi Vancouver with the name/contact information of a local relative and our vet in the event of an emergency. Why weren't they called or informed? We sent Dog Taxi Vancouver 5 invoices that made up Bentley's treatment bills totaling to $1,246.34 incurred at the Central Animal Emergency Clinic and the Central City Animal Hospital on Oct 1st, 2012 by registered mail. They received these (signed for them) on Oct 3rd but did not assist with the vet bills. In fact, none of the owners (John Samson, Jorge Posada, Angela Posada) even called since September 24th to see if Bentley was still alive! Companies like Dog Taxi Vancouver are irresponsible, unaccountable and simply heartless; they should not be in the dog care business at all.
10/23/2012 10:51:10 PM Report