25 – 1725 30 Ave NE
Calgary T2E 7P6
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(403) 337-4000
(780) 666-9721

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Company description

Credit720 work for you in a similar way just as your Tax Consultant or Accountant. You hire our expert advice in debt negotiations as we help protecting your assets and safeguarding your rights as our esteemed client.

In order to make sure you’re treated fairly against your Creditors and you don’t get a short end of the stick, it’s always a good practice to see a Registered and Licensed Credit 720 Counselor, we will always work in your best interest. Approaching a Trustee office directly in most cases may work against you. A Trustee will always represents your Creditors interest 1st and even though their role is to stay neutral in the negotiation process, they always end up collecting more money from you for the creditors in dividend. The more they collect, the more fees they are entitled to charge you for themselves from your proposal offer for e.g. imagine “Would you approach a Tax Collection Officer directly or consult to seek advice from a reputed and qualified Tax Consultant or an Accountant who works to protect your self-interest and guides you thoroughly prior to filing your returns at a Tax office”


One of my friends was looking for a credit counseling service and I have suggested him Credit720. He went there and had some discussion with the staff over there and he really likes the way staff has supported him and gave him an assurance. He was so happy, he called me to thank for suggesting him Credit720.
8/1/2018 9:27:36 AM Report

I have taken debt consolidation service from Credit720 and I am really happy with the kind of service they had provided to me. I’ll definitely suggest Credit720 to my friends and relatives.
3/31/2018 6:47:00 AM Report