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302E - 153 Seymour Street
BC V2C 2C7
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(250) 574-2102

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Compassionate and effective counseling and therapy for individuals, families and couples for healing and genuine resolution.


Horrible, horrible counsellor. I usually try to find the good in everyone and don't enjoy speaking ill of anyone, but I can think of nothing good to say about this man. Has absolutely no idea how the human mind works, let alone social anxiety. Pushes you to go outside without teaching you ANYTHING, then when you tell him it just made it worse he says he never forced you to do anything. Constantly contradicts himself, most notably talks about compassion, then talks about how much he hates his father. Rude, pushy, and questions everything you do. After he pauses he just sits there and stares at you, waiting for you to say anything, which makes it even worse for people suffering from social anxiety. Any time I tried to shift around and/or direct my gaze elsewhere, he would immediately (and uncomfortably) shove his head into my view. Discourages dreams and goals, and tries to force HIS ideals onto you. Recommended a close friend to him, which I regret deeply since he became worse. Planted horrible thoughts into my friend's head, and even had the guts to say that my friend might be too damaged for him. The only thing my friend had was social anxiety, and yet Paget tried to say he had a hundred more problems. I paid around $80 which was pretty cheap considering a lot of the other counsellors, but you really get what you pay for. When I told him I was going to leave and went into detail about why it wasn't working out, he tried to make it seem like I was poor and gave me a "limited offer" for a cheaper price. On my own I have taken far greater steps then I would have ever had I stayed with him. I was actually going backwards in his "care". I am so glad I left and never looked back. I truly hope everyone else does the same.
10/10/2013 12:43:16 AM Report