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709 631 0289


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Company description

Coastal Energy installs high-efficiency economical ductless solutions that can fit your home regardless of the space in question. We specialize in fitting, installing, repairing, maintaining and replacing your heat pump solutions without compromising the integrity of your space and comfort. We install high energy rating products to your existing home or while its being made, without breaking your bank.
We also offer intelligent ductless replacements to preserve the architectural integrity of your home while heating and cooling evenly to the areas of your house you want.Ductless Heat Pumps offer more flexibility than many other heating systems because they allow you to heat or cool room by room instead of an entire home. Learn More *0% Interest only available until April 30, 2017 and is subject to financing approval. Ductless heat pumps offer more flexibility than many other heating systems because they allow you to heat or cool room by room instead of an entire home. Conventional heating systems deliver heat to your home through a series of ducts. With a ductless heat pump system you can choose to heat or cool individual zones, so that you only have to use energy to adjust the temperature in the rooms that you’re actually using, and that makes a lot of sense.For ductless systems, a pair of indoor and outdoor units are installed to keep certain areas of the home warm or cool. This zoned heating is low cost and easy to install and offers a lot of flexibility and best of all there is no ductwork to worry about.

Our high energy rating ductless systems can save you anywhere from 30-50 percent of your energy bills.

All our systems are SEER and HSPF rated higher than the requirement so you don’t have to worry about them stopping midway through winter or breaking down, or even not heating the way you want it to. Our main products include the LG ductless systems which have a SEER rating of over 27.5 and HSPF rating of 11.7.

This higher rating lets you move more heat from outdoor ambient air inside the house and you can opt in for either single-zone ductless or multi-zone ductless systems which will let you control the room temperature in one or multiple areas by connecting the outdoor unit to a single or multiple indoor units.Ductless minis have the advantage of small size and flexibility options. They generally require only a three inch hole in the wall to hook the indoor and outdoor units together. Many models consist of as many as 4 indoor units connected to one outdoor units for zoned cooling and heating for four zones or rooms. The flexibility in these units is tremendous, the connecting conduits can have a variety of lengths. The outdoor unit can be located up to 50 feet away from the indoor unit. This way the front of the house i.e. the rooms in the front of the house can be cooled and the outdoor unit can be placed all the way at the back in an inconspicuous place outside the building.


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