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Company description

CanadianBusinessCleaning has been
servicing the Edmonton area for over
10 years. We provide cleanings from
as little as once a week, all the way up
to 7 days a week.

We provide cleaning services for:

- Small, Medium & Large Businesses
- Medical Clinics, Walk-in facilities,
Chiropractic, Dental clinics and more
- Single & Multi-Story Commercial
- Retail Stores (Regardless of the size)
- Hotels
- Puds, Night Clubs & Restaurants 
- Senior Housing Facilities 
- General Offices  
- Warehouse
- Government Offices

Call for a free estimate 780 499 6467

We respect our client's privacy and
do NOT release any of our clients
information so please do not respond
To this ad if that is your intention.

More details

Office Cleaning
We take the time to meet with our new customers to determine what needs to be done to satisfy our facility's needs. If there are areas, you want us to focus on more we can do that. Our qualified cleaning teams are known for their superior quality, artistry and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done right.
Medical Facility Cleaning
We know that medical office cleaning requires attention to details and follow the specific cleaning procedure to ensure that high levels of standards are always maintained. A healthy medical office needs a specific approach, and thorough cleaning and sanitation of all surfaces and spaces as well as periodically task need to be done in order to maintain clean and safe medical offices. Our medical office cleaning services are specifically designing to maintain the highest levels of Hygiene and cleanliness to minimize the risk of any infection or cross-contamination. Due to the high traffic and nature of the medical offices, viruses and bacteria will be always present. Therefore, it's imperative that the cleaning procedure and schedules are thorough and detailed to have clean surfaces that free from harmful Bactria.
School Cleaning
We work hard to provide a clean and safe learning environment. Everything from classrooms to restrooms, we provide professional cleaning services to schools, colleges, and universities. In today's learning environment the cleanliness of an educational facility is contributed to the decision-making process of past & present students and parents. With your facility & faculty on our minds, You can rest assured that your buildings will meet and exceed the cleaning standards expected from a student & parent. Creating a healthy & hygienic environment is key to preventing the spread of harmful viruses. We ensure a safe and clean place for all students, teachers, and parents so each can learn, teach, and visit safely.
Business Cleaning
Commercial office buildings of all sizes rely on us to perform a thorough office cleaning. Our services ensure the commercial building looks brand new every day and provides a professional appearance for your every commercial office.
Gym Cleaning
Opening up at incredible rates, having a cleaning company that can keep up with the demand is a necessity. We bring the same focus, skill, and experience to your facility that is needed to achieve greatness in the gym as well as outside the gym. We will work closely with you to thoroughly scope out your "high-touch" areas. These include training equipment, locker rooms, showering facilities, changing areas, and steam rooms.
Giving Back To The Environment
Your trees will be planted in the country/area of your choosing. The planters choose from over 16,000 different tree species that best suit the region. The trees have an 80-90% survival rate. We would love to have the rate closer to 100%, but due to environmental disasters like floods and forest fires, but also due to illegal cutting. We are continuously working to increase the survival rate and reduce illegal cutting.
Why CanadianBusinessCleaning
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