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Company description is a Canadian company that offers high quality hair extensions, wigs, hair care, hot tools and hair accessories. In short, everything that is related to hair!

Well-known among hairstylists who are knowledgeable in the field of hairdressing, quickly became the benchmark for hair extensions, wigs and hair care products. Prior to the launch of our website, it was hard to obtain quality hair extensions and wigs at cheap prices from a Canadian retailer. made it easier than ever! Our energetic team creates, designs, markets and dsitributes our own brands. We also distribute several hair care products from top brands. Quality is at the center of our concerns, from the initial concept to the finished product. Our mission is to offer quality products at the lwoest possible price to Canadians.

First and foremost, we are dedicated to our customers who helped us make the company it is today. Our team is diverse, but we are all bound by common elements: our passion for hairdressing and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

We are firmly established in the hair industry. This allows us to buy in large quantities with few middlemen. We then sell these items at low prices on our website and in hair salons. We have a very long experience in hair extensions & wigs and great knowledge as to which item to buy on the market. We have also invested heavily in a sophisticated distribution system that is fast, efficient and profitable. We are aware of the costs at all levels, which ultimately allows us to offer our clients the best possible prices :)

With our international network, we are able to offer a unique shopping experience through a website that uses a secure technology - while ensuring to offer quality hair products at low prices.


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