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Authors Daniel Lavigne and Carole Drouin Announce Release
of “The Fortunate Few” a Value Packed Guide to Financial
Being able to find a way out of the 9 to 5 rat race would be a dream come true for a great
many people. Even with best efforts, history has shown without a clear vision this can be
very difficult to achieve. Recently, authors and financial experts Daniel Lavigne and Carole
Drouin announced the launch of their new book “The Fortunate Few” that shows a clear,
proven path to financial independence.
January 11, 2016
Many people hope to become financially free at some point in their lives, but the hard truth is
most with fall short. This doesn't mean it's impossible. In many cases, according to experts,
it just points to the fact they followed an imperfect strategy when they have taken action to
break the chains of being someone else's eight or ten hours a day wage slave. Authors and
financial freedom experts Daniel Lavigne and Carole Drouin have made their own dreams of
financial independence come to life, and are sharing their secrets in their new book, “The
Fortunate Few”, in the hopes of helping others join them in the elite group of people who
have escaped the rat race.
“We are very excited about this chance to give back to people who are in the same situation
we were in a few years ago,” commented Lavinge. “It's all here in 'The Fortunate Few' – the
only thing missing is the willingness to take action. That's something the reader needs to
supply themselves.”
“The Fortunate Few” delivers a combinations of habits to put in to place, along
with business maneuvers to apply that can quickly lead to real success. Team
building, and issues like saving and investing are also expertly tackled.
Early readers have responded with enthusiasm.
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Dave S., recently said in a five star review, “A very exciting read, I really enjoyed the way
they share their journey towards financial independence and link it to their real life
experiences. It was an informative and motivational reading experience; it left me feeling
very positive and with the conviction that I too could be among the fortunate few.”
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