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Company description

Power up your Local SEO presence.

Blacksmith Local SEO specializes in improving local search marketing results for busy organizations in Vancouver & Toronto Canada and Seattle USA.

It’s for the businesses that drive local economies forward and want more from the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization is the act of earning a search engine’s trust. As a subset, Local SEO uses a search engine’s trust to help organizations stand out in the communities that matter most.

Blacksmith Local SEO offers small business digital marketing services for both online and bricks & mortar entrepreneurs in Vancouver, Toronto and Seattle.

We shine a light on the online issues that could be holding a business back. We write content with intention, and geo-target products and services thoughtfully.

We specialize in local SEO services for websites on Squarespace, Wordpress and Shopify.

We specialize in local search marketing tactics for geo-targeted communities and deliver higher-quality site visitors. If you're in tourism & hospitality, building & trades, local retail and eCommerce, outdoor & nature, and online services & education, we'd like you to know that we’re particularly interested in helping you out. We're a Shopify Partner, a Squarespace Circle Member, and an OneLocal Partner. We bill transparently from fixed costs and will work late to meet your important deadlines.

Our History with SEO
It starts with a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that turned into wasted time and money. After running 4 of our own international tourism websites, we were hit with a Google Core Update. It stopped our growth in its tracks. We’d created efficiencies in inventory, built social media channels with tens of thousands of followers, earned international press coverage, and won some pretty incredible awards in the process. But seemingly overnight, it was no longer enough.

What we hadn’t planned for were search engines changing the rules. Changes made in an effort to be great at what they do. In hindsight, this was wildly naïve on our part. You can’t blame the Search Engines - for years online marketers were gaming their systems, and creating poor, and often irrelevant search experiences.

When Google prioritized original content our cross-platform duplicate listings lagged in the absence of canonical tags. We didn’t know any better.

When Google made the move to indexing only mobile-friendly sites, our antiquated approach, built for a desktop experience, sank like lead boots in the Hudson River. We failed to anticipate the speed at which mobile devices would become research tools.

When Google said search speed is increasingly important, our years of archived high-quality media and the custom API that fed the consumer sites struggled to keep pace. We didn’t appreciate that Google is in the business of serving more volume per bandwidth, and that we were bad for their business.

In order to keep our traffic up, we had no choice but to spend more and more advertising money just to keep the status quo. We didn’t realize the growing importance of SEO best practices and needing to stay current. It became unsustainable.

It didn’t have to be this way, however. In hindsight, when we designed our first sites we thought we had the right team in place. We had years of product and marketing experience plus decades of web-development resources at our disposal.

What we didn’t have, was an SEO specialist to make sure decisions flowed in line with the science, art, and psychology of ‘search’.

The chance to save a business from making the same mistakes we did, and benefit from our training and hard lessons learned, is a task we’re up for.

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