Bena Stock Counselling

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777 Hornby St. Unit 600
Vancouver V6Z 1S4
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Company description

Bena Stock Counselling offers programs serving Vancouver, BC. Services include Career Counselling, Transition Counselling, Anger Management Counselling. Other programs are offered such as Emotion Management Counselling, Adolescent Counselling, Family Counselling. Programs can also deal with patient’s anxiety and depression. Counselling can help a client build resilience during times of great adversity. Bena Stock Counselling helps patience have a different life perspective and gain new understanding how they can diminish the patterns that supports anxiety and depression. The programs also helps the clients to find the right path when they are currently stuck and help them to transition between roles or between industries. For anger management and emotional regulation, clients will learn how they can stay grounded and see situations from different point of views so that they can respond positively rather than react negatively. For clients in adolescence age, counselling programs can help them navigate through changes of emotions, determine identity, improve relationships with people around them and cope up with expectations during the adolescence stage. Bena Stock Counselling can help clients have a better understanding of themselves and of people around them.


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