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1364 pobox
ON K7L 5C6
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(613) 767-9307

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Student Rentals, Student Housing, Queen's Faculty Accommodations, Apartment Rentals, Alumni Reunions, Bed Breakfast, Inn, Hotel, Houses, Suites, Leases, Downtown, Sydenham Ward, Waterfront, Alma Mater


I would like to share my experiences recently dealing with Anglesey Holdings in Kingston Ontario. I have had very courteous and prompt replies to all my inquires and when I met with their agent Mike to show me several apartments I was duly impressed at how professional and helpful he was. He actually drove me around to see several locations and made me feel extremely comfortable in deciding to lease one of their apartments. What did it for me was he even went so far as to promise to arrange for some helpers to assist in moving some of my oversized furniture into the apartment I decided to take! This company may be based in the U.K. but their Kingston division seems really knowledgeable and experienced dealing with Queen's University student rentals! I highly recommend them and found their selections far more affordable than the overpriced offerings of Keystone, Varsity or BPE rentals.
6/12/2015 1:47:58 PM Report

This company has atrocious business practices. I would advise anyone to stay well away from them. Under no circumstances should you enter into any sort of agreement with them, Ever! (Trust me)
2/15/2015 1:52:58 AM Report

It has been my experience, as with several of my friends, who also have leased from Anglesey Holdings, that once you get settled in and learn all the ropes with regards to which days the garbage goes out and where the parking is that things settle into a smooth period of trouble free, tranquil living with some of the best maintenance and service we have experienced when living near the campus. At first you think, "Oh-boy, the lease has so many rules and conditions", and then you realize, "this is why my building is so orderly, well managed, and there are never any disturbances or out of control partying or drunkenness", because the management really cares and monitors the buildings and keeps everybody safe and well cared for! I have nothing but good things to say about the firm hand their management takes to ensure you don't regret living in their buildings. Apparently in the last year the management has changed and it is very friendly and easy to deal with on all levels now.
10/8/2013 8:18:00 PM Report

I rented from them for 3 years and was impressed with how fast they responded to the few minor maintenance issues I had. There were never any issues with the management and they answer their emails always almost immediately 7 days a week. I did phone couple of times but always found email the fastest way to get a service booking. Usually the same day I emailed their maintenance department showed up and almost always corrected the problem quickly and painlessly. I would recommend them for any Queen's student or post grad. I was very pleased with their services and cleanliness of my building.
10/20/2012 11:18:39 PM Report

Management at Anglesey Holdings was a constant headache throughout my one-year lease. Some of the issues are as follows: -No apartment inspection -No explanation of their lease agreement -Company retained an illegal deposit -Did not return deposit in full -No direct contact with landlord or property manager (only maintenance) -Disrespectful email communication -No emergency telephone number (only voicemail) If you are an experienced renter and ever see their lease you will immediately understand the tenuous legality of the document. If you are an inexperienced renter I would advise you to know your rights before signing.
9/24/2012 6:07:35 PM Report