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#502, 707 Esquimalt RD
Victoria BC V9A 3L7
Phone number:
(250) 800-3664

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Company description

A Touch of Glass provides window cleaning & gutter cleaning services, moss removal, pressure washing and more. It is both important to our company, and in your best interest to educate you about why our services are needed and provide you with a thorough, quick and affordable experience. Our family has owned and operated 'A Touch of Glass' for over 25 years and we have always been greatly appreciated by our customers. They always call us back because we treat our clientele like friends; we evaluate what the client truly needs and put their interests before ours.

When Dan first started 'A Touch Of Glass' he decided he wanted to work for himself. So he began washing windows for his friends and family, then it turned into moss removal and gutter cleaning. He decided after some time that he had built himself a reputation as a hard worker, and those he provided service to encouraged him to use their positive references to promote his business, make some flyers and to get his name out there. To this day, every client they've ever worked for has remained very impressed, and love the personable side of the business and how Dan and his workers put the customer before themselves. As they know, to be successful in business, you must provide value and something unique to your clients in order for everyone to have a pleasant and beneficial experience.

Dan's two sons; Taylor and d'Arcy Gbur have taken over the business and Dan Gbur has passed down his hard working qualities to them. Their customers treat them very well and vice versa, they love that the business was taken over by people within the family and still hold the same values and personable interactions as when Dan was running it.

A Touch of Glass strives to impress their clientele. Many people in Victoria BC don't know where to turn when it comes to window & gutter cleaning or for moss removal. Many companies in Victoria do an adequate job, but unfortunately are just there for the pay cheque, not necessarily to ensure the customer is happy. With 'A Touch of Glass' you've found the right crew! We are happy to serve you by completing the tasks previously listed and additionally our company is more than willing to go the extra mile for our valued customers and do any household labour jobs you need completed, whether its moving large items, painting, gardening, etc. 'A Touch of Glass' isn't just in the business of roof maintenance, we are in the business of creating bonds with our clients, and will ensure your homes are well taken care of.

Due to our success and long standing reputation in the community, we are now expanding our business! With positive reviews from customers, and the skill that has been passed down and earned underneath Taylor and d'Arcy's belts, the sons are ready to take on many new clients and keep those windows squeaky clean all over the city. They enjoy a hard day's work, and moss removal has become the highest priority for their clients as it is crucial for the integrity of a roof to have moss removal done annually. If you would like a team of knowledgeable, professional, and kind workers attending to your household and roof maintenance needs, make sure you get 'A Touch of Glass' to be your number one call this year!

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