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one thing that I like is great choice of steroids drugs. I had some problems with the making the order on their website but in conclusion I wrote in support. They helped me, but I got my answer from them not so fast. The presence of the full cycles with the needed drugs and dosages attracted me. I think such section should have all the sites with the anabolic steroids. I hadn’t the possibility to draw up the cycle and to put the right dosages with the professional. I had only one way, to choose the cycle by myself. I used the drugs from the Balkan. I tried it earlier and was satisfied with the quality. Quality from anabolic energy also was quite good. I choice the bulking cycle and my weight and power indicators changed for the better. During the period when I was using anabolics, I ate a lot and felt unusually. Also I lift the serious weights in the gym. High blood pressure was one of the side effects. But in general nothing serious. Recommend you this steroid shop. Great quality and steroids choice
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