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6550 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle #4
Mississauga L5N 4B7
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(905) 369-0570


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Company description

With over 25 years’ experience and over 120 locations from coast to coast, Popeye's Supplements is Canada's leader in sports nutrition. We aim to present our customers with the largest selection of Sports Nutrition and Health Products available today at the best prices. At Popeye’s Supplements you will find a variety of proteins, fat burners, BCAAs, pre workout supplements, foundation supplements, creatine, glutamine and more.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY SAMPLE STATIONS: You are sure to find something that you'll look forward to drinking. Popeye's Supplements takes the risk out of buying a protein supplement that you won't enjoy the taste of as we can mix you a taste tester in store first!

THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THE MARKET: One simple thing: We make our customers our main priority! Our staff is constantly trained to help you find the best products that fit your needs. They are in store to listen to you and they will recommend some supplements without commission! No Pressure… Never!

EXCLUSIVE POPEYE’S VALUE SIZES: 20% - 50% larger size on the most popular products and leading name brands in the industry today. These custom sizes give our customers the best absolute cost per serving and added value when purchasing these sizes.

WE CAN’T BE BEAT: Best prices, always! We will beat any online or in stores advertised price!

POPEYE DOLLARS CUSTOMER REWARD PROGRAM: No membership fees to join but enjoy 1 Popeye Dollar back for every $25.00 you spend before taxes. Save them up and redeem as many as you want whenever you want.


Avec plus de 25 ans d’expérience et plus de 125 succursales à travers le Canada, nous sommes les leaders nationaux dans le domaine de la nutrition sportive. Notre objectif est d’offrir la plus large sélection de suppléments naturels disponible aux meilleurs prix sur le marché. Chez Popeye’s Suppléments vous trouverez une gamme complète de protéines, brûleurs de graisse, BCAA, suppléments pré-entraînement, fondation, créatines, glutamine, vitamines et autres suppléments alimentaires.

ESSAYEZ AVANT D’ACHETER : vous êtes assuré de trouver le produit que vous aimerez consommer! Popeye’s Suppléments vous enlève le stress de vous procurer un produit que vous n’aimerez pas! Nous avons une station d’essai ou vous pourrez tester le goût en magasin!

LE MEILLEUR SERVICE À LA CLIENTÈLE SUR LE MARCHÉ. C’est simple : nous faisons de nos clients notre priorité! Notre personnel est constamment formé pour vous aider à trouver les meilleurs produits qui correspondent à vos besoins. Ils sont en magasin pour vous écouter et ils vous recommandent certains suppléments sans commission! Pas de pression ... Jamais!

FORMATS VALEURS AJOUTÉES : 20% à 50% de plus sur les produits les plus populaires des meilleures marques de l'industrie. Ces formats bonus donnent à nos clients le meilleur coût par portion… seulement chez Popeye’s!

NOUS SOMMES INÉGALÉS: les meilleurs prix, toujours! Nous battrons tout prix en ligne ou en magasin!

PROGRAMME DE RÉCOMPENSE DES CLIENTS ET DOLLARS POPEYE: Aucuns frais d'adhésion. Profitez de 1$ Popeye pour chaque 25,00$ avant taxe. Épargnez-les et rachetez autant que vous voulez quand vous voulez. Obtenez également plusieurs cadeaux pour chaque tranche d’achat!

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I've been in here a few of times the past few years. The first time was when I decided to clean up my act and start working out. I walked in just thinking I'd pick up some protein and a pre workout, just some basics. Well, that was all torn to shit when some meathead dude came over to me and asked how I was. I said i was fine thanx....then got swindled into buy about +150 more than I went in there for. All he kept saying was "hey, did you get your greens"..."did you get your antioxidants?"..."you got creatine right?"...so I got taken buy a guy bigger than me with a lot of knowledge about the products I knew nothing about...and I got taken because, well, he's a fit big dude...i figured I needed all this stuff. So, I learned my lesson. I went there a few more times and everything was fine because I stuck to my guns and just got what I needed and got out...but why should customers have to feel that way? We're the customers!! So, anyway...since then I've been going to GNC (who are much nicer, down to earth and not meatheads trying to be the used car salesmen on the supplements industry). I recently got a gift certificate form my sis for Popeyes...turns out she doesn't know I don't shop there anymore. A few months passed and I came across it. At the time I was about to go drop my sis off at home, so I decided to stop off at popeyes and take a quick look and maybe pick something up. I walk into Popeyes, accompanied by my sister and I got the snobbiest look from the meathead behind the couter but paid it no mind and just said "hey, hows it goin"...he just nodded. At this point in time I should say that my sis is not by any means fat...just more fat around the stomach and skinny everywhere else...but I'm teaching her and she's trying to loose it. I started asking about different NO products and kept getting attitude and a snotty response like "huh, yeah, the ingredients chaged a long time ago, pfft". I picked out a product (while he was hovering around me while I was making my decision) and went up to the register...i then turned to my sis and and said "what time did you say mom and pops are coming home?" ...she answered with "i'm not too sure". Then as I turned towards the register, captain snotty meathead had a change of attitude and all of a sudden became friendly.....wtf? I don't shop here anymore....and I refuse to shop at Popeyes...anywhere. I don't need meatheads looking down on my sister.
9/19/2013 12:26:47 PM Report