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187, 918 16 Avenue Northwest
Calgary AB T2M 0K3
Phone number:
(403) 520-2040


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Company description

The Mr. Mike's Plumbing, Calgary like to keep it simple. You will not hear us say that we are worse than our competitors nor will you hear us say that we are better than our competitors. We are not those types of plumbers that need to compare ourselves to others to rate ourselves. Rather, we let our actions do all the talking for us. We have been in the same situations that we are about to address to you, so understand that we are humans as well.

We, as plumbers, remember the times when we had broken sinks. We could fix them ourselves, of course, but we know how inconvenient it is to deal with misfortunes. Remember when the toilet got clogged and the man of the household tried to fix and it made the situation worse? Now everyone in the house has to wait in line to use the one good toilet that is still functioning properly. As plumbers, we know that situations like these are inconvenient for you and we strive to do our best to make these situations as inconvenient as possible so that you can go about your merry way.

We are here to fix that inconvenient, just-by-chance broken and leaky sink. We are here to fix that air conditioner that just happened to go out right in the middle of winter, when it is the coldest time of the season. We, the Mr. Mike's Plumbing Calgary Plumbers, AB, are here to service you in the best way we possibly can and are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to complete our job. We appreciate what we do and are grateful to obtain your business.

Plumbing is our passion and we would not have it any other way. We hope that our service benefits you more than just some hired help but that we actually put a positive influence on your life. We may just be some plumbers but we take our job more seriously than just a paycheck in the door. We really, honestly believe that we add value to people's lives. It may sound cheesy or not but it is our belief and that is the mentality we have here at this company. Therefore, if you want to hire people who truly want to help you out in your time of need, in that situation where something just had to go wrong at the wrong time, just hire the Mr. Mike's Plumbing and we will be there for you.

This job can get demanding, but the same can be said about any other profession, whether you are a teacher, a doctor, a policeman, or even a stay-at-home mother. We enjoy being plumbers, which is why we chose to be Plumbers of Calgary.

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